11 week old baby White Bellied Caiques

Amazingly these three babies are almost weaned. Before I know it they will be going home. All three of these guys have reallly nice personalities.

Kiwi, the oldest, is a female. She is a sweet girl and I think she enjoys having her brothers follow her around. She is an explorer and does like to check new things out. If there is something she sees that looks interesting she waddles herself right over to it to check it out. She is fairly fearless and her flying skills are improving each day.

The oldest male, Kevin, is also a very sweet boy and he is also adventureous. He is not scared of much and he likes to follow his sister around to make sure she has not found something something fun to do before he has. He and Kiwi really love rolling around and wrestling on their backs on the bottom of their cage.

Little Dude, the youngest male is a bit more cautious about things than his two older siblings. Although his confidence is growing each day and I think that he will grow out of this. He is very sweet and will snuggle under your chin for hours if you let him!! He watches his siblings very closely and I am sure he is learning from them. Little dude also makes a very sweet tweet / whistle sound. I think he will be a good whistler as he kind of tries to copy whistles.

They are all very good looking and huge caiques. They all weigh pretty close to 170 right now. They will loose some as they finish up weaning but I am sure they will all be over 180 at 2-3 years old.