Moonwalking caique

Caique 鸚鵡 – Rolling tricks

Rolling….Keep rolling

Caique Parrots Pumpkin and Kaba-Punks of the bird world

Pumpkin and Kaba like to toss items and watch them hit the ground

D90 Video (HD) – Stinkie the White Bellied Caique

HD Video test for Nikon D90

Caicco Testa Gialla (Pionites Leucogaster)

Charlie(Pionites melanocephala)

Caique Attack!!

The end is the best part! This is my bird, Lola, and my brother’s dog, Princess. They love to chase each other and the bird would love nothing more than to hurt poor Princess!

Pionites Leucogaster Barwinka Białobrzucha  MANGO ?

Theo – Pionites Leucogaster se divertindo sozinho!

Passando pela casa.