Topaz the golden conure and Nacho white bellied caique

Well Topaz and Nacho are BFF ?????

Meet & Greet: Pikachu, the White-bellied caique

Cage size requirement: 24″x24″ / 60cm x 60cm = floor spacing
Bar spacing= 3/4″ or 7/8″ / 2cm or 2.2cm. Biggest is 1″ / 2.5cm

*Few facts about his species:
*Known as the White-bellied caique parrots/ Pionites leucogaster
*Sub-species: Black-headed caique
*Lifespan: 20-40 years
*Whole caique family known as the clown of the parrot family
*Can’t eat avocado, apple pips, chocolate and alcohol (can kill your bird)
*Their talking ability isn’t very good, but they can learn to whistle or mimic dog barking, etc.

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Pikachu & Friends?

Mojo and Bebe — White Bellied Caique Babies

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White Bellied Caique VS The Spoon

Pretty funny clip where this white bellied caique restles with his Mom’s coffee spoon.

White bellied caique

White bellied caique cock bird. He is a breeding bird and normally very placid, but I see him feeding the hen through the hole that he make in the nest box and so it looks like the season will be starting very soon.

Caique Cuddles

Cuddles with Teddy, a 4 month old White Bellied Caique. Video from 12/29/15

White bellied caique babies from day 1 to 16 weeks

This video was taken on the 3 February 2017 with some of the White bellied caiques that we were raising on that day showing the growth of chicks from day 1 through to 16 weeks.

18 week old Buddy — White Bellied Caique

Hi Everyone,
Thank You for visiting with my babies.
I am Rita from Rainbow Parrots.
Many of my babies go home to families who live in other states.
The purpose of my videos is to introduce my babies to their new families.
Each week as the babies grow and mature their new families get to know their personality.

I hope you all enjoy watching the babies as they grow each week.

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White Bellied Caique

Young pet White Bellied Caique, eating healthy, loves to play.

White bellied caique JIMINY CRICKET

Our white bellied caique named JIMINY CRICKET loves exploring the garden and outdoors.

Music by Jesse Redheart — Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) Dance Cover