Sarah the talking Caique II

Cute White Bellied Caique

Cute White Bellied Caique

Kiki gets her nails trimmed

Kiki, our female White Bellied Caique. She will be 4 in September. She hates getting her nails trimmed.

chickie caique preening Rudy

White bellied Caique

Hey, I was just trying out my new intro and outra! Hope u like it!!!

Update on CHICHI The Caique!! | DAY ONE OUTSIDE With a Macaw

We got to go visit CHICHI!! So excited to see how well he was doing and say hello on our way to Moab, UT to free fly birds!

In Moab we were flying 4 of our own birds:
Bondi and Bandit – rose breasted cockatoos/galahs
Tusa – camelot macaw
Jinx – blue throated macaw

Other birds and people joining us:
Sunshine – blue and gold macaw, owner Claudia
Vicky – rose breasted cockatoo/galah, owner Claudia
Yoshi – catalina macaw, owner Peggy
Tango – blue and gold macaw just learning, owners Ashyln and David
Q and Ernie – red fronted macaws, owner Rachel

My course on flight training;

More info on freeflight training;

Caique Exercise

Izzy loves jumping around!!

White-Bellied Caique Parrot play tricks at bird street

KEFP 金頭凱克玩把戲

Evil Laughing Caique Parrot Plots Mischief!

Eli is trying to find a way around the orchid pot to reach the breakables on the other side.

Choosing a Pet Bird – Caique Parrot Review

My Pet Bird Review of Kitty the Caique Parrot is finally here! A video 3 years in the making and you guys have requested for it multiple times.

I’ll start by saying that choosing a pet bird is a daunting task because the choice you make is most likely going to be a life choice as most parrots will happily live past 25 and keep going. If you choose a Caique, they have been known to live past 60 so there’s a good chance your pet will outlive you by the time you get around to affording the purchase (they are not cheap at all).

Caiques are playful little birds who don’t know their own size, it’s been a highly rewarding experience getting one 🙂 Got questions for me about the bird? Join our Facebook below!



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