Chickie caique hair surfing

white bellied caique

our white bellied caique

White Bellied Caique (Sweets) w/ Cookie the dog

Chasing and playing w/ each other.

White Bellied Caique Cuddle Session 2

Another cuddle session with Pooter, my White Bellied Caique. It’s a long one, but cute… he preens himself while on his back.

シロハラインコ LOVEBIRD FUKUOKA(ラブバードフクオカ) 2014.9.13

White-Bellied Caique
Pionites leucogaster

White Bellied caique mating

White Bellied Caique Aerobics

White Bellied Caique Aerobics with Sweep…..and not Sooty a la Lady Gaga!