Padre, White-bellied Caique

You’ve gotta love a bird that sees you for the first time and let’s out a wolf whistle! What a cutie! Caiques are known as the clowns of the bird world.

Sunni the Caique showing Lexi who's boss.

Trying to get Sunni to chase after the ball, all is well until Lexi wants the ball too, but Sunni sets him straight. . . . with a little help from me.

Muffin taking a shower / rain dance (White Bellied Caique)

This is Muffin’s preferred way of taking a bath/shower. Cookie prefers taking a bath in a bowl, but this video is about half a year old at this point and since then Cookie has watched all the fun Muffin has been having bathing this way and now he showers in this way too! I’ll post a video sometime soon of Cookie and Muffin showering together!

white bellied caique, Indian Birds Lovers

white bellied caique set up in Mumbai at my friends house. 1
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White bellied caique young male bird.

White bellied caique young male bird. This young caique enjoys having time outside in harness.

Music “Sweet as Honey” by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena from YouTube Audio Library

Hazel The White Bellied Caique

Hazel sees herself in a mirror for the first time.

Maverick the White-bellied Caique takes a bath

My caique take a bath in a bowl.

Bandit White Bellied Caique

Bandit spinning around