Caiques are crazy!

Lucy (Lucifer) my caique has been rubbing around on my bead for over half an hour now. These birds are clowns.

Caique parrot

My smart caique is trying to open his cage .

Meet the Caique! SURPRISE GUYS!!

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Naughty Parrots

Enzo (blackheaded caique) and Isaac (whitebellied caique) romping around my room.

Chickie and JoJo talking Caique


Beautiful Memory of Bailey Caique Made Me Cry

My birds are my children. I love them with all my heart. This video might seem weird to some but to me, it’s the process of healing.
Thank you Loveyourparrot Education and Alyssa for this beautiful memory of Bailey. ❤️
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Watch the making of Bailey’s memory

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White Bellied Caique pair

White Bellied Caique pair

Black Headed Caique at Tropic Island Bird & Supply –

DNA Tested Female Black Headed Caique at Tropic Island Bird & Supply – this entertaining Caique loves men but bites women.

Casper en Levy, witbuik caiques