Hopping training, WIP

Training some hopping with Pyro

Bringing Home a Caique Parrot!!! | Meet CHICHI

Meet ChiChi! He is a male, 6 year old black headed caique parrot. His owner died, and he was the only one of his owners’ parrots not to get rehomed so he was placed in a parrot rescue where after just 3 short months, he was adopted by my friends (who will remain anonymous).

Those friends just had a BABY!!! And to take some of the added pressures off, we offered to take ChiChi and train him to be a loving family pet – to achieve that our plan is to bond with him with the entire family through trick training (something we refer to as bond building games) my whole family will be taking part in this venture to ensure ChiChi enjoys interaction from everyone!

My daughter has been wanting her own bird (a budgie) so seeing how big of a role she ends up playing with ChiChi’s training and care will definitely determine whether or not she gets her own bird in the future.

Follow ChiChi’s transformation journey!

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(Oldest to Youngest)
Female Galah 💗 BONDI (bond-eye) ⭐ hatched 2005
Female Congo African Grey 💗 CRESSI ⭐ hatched 2007
Male Galah 💙 BANDIT BOY ⭐ hatched 2008
Male Blue Throated Macaw 💙 JINX ⭐ hatched 2008
Male Camelot Macaws 💙 COMET & TUSA ⭐ hatched 2008
Male Toco Toucan 💙 ROCKO ⭐ hatched 2011
Female Sun Conures 💗 LILY & PHOEBE & DETKA (dee-et-ka) ⭐ hatched 2011

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Tory the Caique parrot sings Classical Music Offenbach "Can Can" song

Tory the Caique Parrot sings Offenbach’s “Can Can Song” also known as Orpheus in the Underworld.

Caique gets possessive with her plastic toy

http://jinx1764.artfire.com Royal, our white bellied caique, gets very possessive over her favorite toys. This one is a type of plastic ball she likes to destroy.

Caique likes to sweep! / Un caique qui aime épousseter!

Rufus, the caique, likes to play on his back! Anyone needs a hand with their housework?! XD

Rufus le caique adore jouer sur le dos! Quelqu’un a besoin d’aide avec son époussetage?! XD

Rufus est un pensionnaire de Perroquets en folie, une oasis exotique unique a visiter cet été à St-Placide dans les Laurentides au Québec.

Visitez notre site web pour plus d’information: http://www.perroquetsenfolie.com/accueil.html

Caique flying fail

She was so close.

Black headed caique saying "peek a boo"

Douglas has the sweetest Girly voice ever!


Tom with Avian Events introduces us to the Black-Headed Caique – he raised this one himself from 1 week old. They eat quite well on their own. As you can see, you can do just about anything you want to with them, they’re just adorable – your typical Caique.

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Caique parrot adorably plays with piece of cloth

Happy the white bellied Caique enjoys the simple things in life, like lying on his back and playing with a piece of cloth!brbr@katiekatiebirdlady

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