Caique first time on hand

Rescue Bird: Ceslie the Caique

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caiques on a cage


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Black headed caiques 4K – Pionites Melanocephala

Amazonek černotemenný

Pionites Leucogaster Leucogaster 1.1

Caique Bird / Caique Parrot

Funny parrot thoroughly confused by corners

Meeko the 8 year old white bellied caique is extremely intrigued by the bottoms of doors, cracks between beds, and for some reason, he is very confused by the corner of the sink in the bathroom. He tries to find a way to look down the crack, and even attempts to see if he can fit. Sadly, the attempts are unsuccessful, but he doesn’t give up!

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Amazonci – Pionites

Black headed caiques – Pionites Leucogaster Xanthomeria – Pionites Leucogaster Leucogaster

Caique – Kick Boxing Kids

Pepper The White Bellied Caique

This is my 2 year old White Bellied Caique! She is so amazing and sweet!

More Caesar Flying

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