Mi caique Pionites melanocephalus

Mi mascota muy engreida,juguetona ,la dueña de mi corazón.

Caique Play 3

Mango  White bellied Caique

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Chickie Caique works on the treasure chest

JoJo and Chickie Caique sounds

Caique Playtime

Kevin finally becoming less fearful of his toys!

Caique Trick

Our black headed caique Jack likes to play dead.

Caique taking a shower

Badger the Caique taking a shower in the sink.

Rostkappenpapageien beim Spielen, White bellied caique

Einfach super wie sich die beiden Rostkappenpapageien verstehen!!

Caique Whistling and Chatting

My white-bellied caique, Merry, whistling and chatting.