James and the amazing Pepper: Black headed Caique

James shows his bird Pepper doing tricks.

Our South Korean Subscriber's White Bellied Caiques Yolo & Patch

Thanks to our subscriber Suyeon for making this video for us. Suyeon is our subscriber from Korea who is fond of exotic birds and has a pair of White Bellied Caique that he has showcased through this video. For more videos, please subscribe to Suyeon’s YouTube channel at

Baby White Bellied Caique — Kevin

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spremuta per kiki  caicco  (caique parrot)

pappagallo caicco testa nera (pionites melanocephala)

We found a white bellied caique bird outside 🦜

Storytime: so as we was in front of the spectrum place, walking in we saw a bird and at first we ain’t know what type of bird it was one of the workers said the one of their employees said she didn’t want her bird because it was to expensive to take care of and you could tell the bird wanted a home cause he/she could’ve
flew away but we’re going to the exotic pet store to get more info in general and about what gender it is .


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THE TALE OF DERPLA – The Parrot that refused to die

This is a survival story of a baby white-bellied caique, Derpla.

I’m a parrot hobbyist and a breeder. I’ve had birds since I was 7, and I started to breed in 2004. My adult white-bellied parrot Pyro needed a friend, and I booked a baby from the first caique clutch that was born in Finland.

At first, I remember asking the oldest one, but destiny had other plans, as the youngest baby was badly neglected. This clutch was the breeder’s first one and he asked for my advice. Together we pondered through all the options. Handfeeding (=human foster parenting) isn’t considered the best option since it might cause behavioral problems and it’s also very risky. You need to have time and you need to do it right.

Mostly the problems are caused when the sexual imprinting goes wrong, and the bird sees itself kinda as a human. But Derpla was already clearly over a month olf, and the sexual imprinting had happened correctly. This, the fact that I had experience on handfeeding and that I had an adult caique who could show the way to become a bird, led us to the conclusion that we will try to save the baby with hand-feeding.

After scaling things through carefully, we decided that Derpla moves to my place for handfeeding. And, that if I manage to save it, I can keep it. I became a foster foster parent to this baby caique. But what happened then…? Watch this video to find out!

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