Papuga gra w kosza/ Basketball Caique Parrot

They wanted me to go to the NBA once, but I refused because I didn’t want to play in the backwater league 🏀😎
Chcieli mnie kiedyś do NBA-ja ale odmówiłem, bo nie chciałem grać w zaściankowej lidze 🏀😎

White Bellied Caique

แตงไทยเป็นพันธุ์ White Bellied Caique ไม่ใช่ไวท์บิลลี่ นะคะ

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White Bellied Caique and Sun Conure with Deformed Beak Get Lovin at Bird Store

I was chosen by these 2 lovely parrots. I would love to own a caique as my next bird.

노란머리카이큐(white-bellied caique)

white headed caique.

– Korea Bird Zoo

White Bellied Caique eating chicken

Mango the White Bellied Caique is eating chicken.

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Look @ Momma Caique's baby bump!!

Sorry, I know it is hard to hear what I am saying as my amazon pair decided they wanted to show me they could talk louder than I can!!

Bozo and Shasta ,our Caique pair will lay their first egg of the year very soon. Can you see the egg shape on Momma’s belly? She seems to “carry” her first egg forever before she lays it!! I saw the beginnings of this “baby bump” over 10 days ago!!

CAIQUE ME AWAY | Caique Bird | Caique Parrot | Super Cute and Funny | SALMAN'S EXOTIC PET STORE

Hand Tame White-bellied Caique and Black-capped Caique at Salman’s Exotic Pets Store

BCY's tamed Caique シロハラインコ

BCY バードセンターやまもと瑞浪店にて撮影しました。

Amazonci si hrají …

Pionites melanocephalus