Caiques can't fly?

Free flying parrots
Caique parrots

Chickie Caique Rocking out!


Caique Parrots Playing Dead/Papugi udają  martwe

Original movie and movie with special effects 😀
Wersja oryginalna i z efektami specjalnymi 😀

Papuga Czarek i jego używki/ ADDICTED FUNNY PARROT

Każdy ma jakieś tam przyzwyczajenia i używki ale żeby odrazu uzależniona śmieszna papuga. Co te moje Człowieki myślą, że ja angielskiego nie znam. Dać im trochę swobody to odrazu szpilkę ptakowi w skrzydło wbiją. jeśli jesteście za tym, żeby odebrać moim Człowiekom prawo do wymyślania tytułów to dawajcie łapkę w górę i subskrybujcie mój kanał !!!!

Isildur stacking rings

Isildur stacking his rings, he learned them quite fast, I’m impressed. Too eager to get his treats sometimes though 🙂

Cuddles with my white-bellied caique.

This is Caiquee I got him as a gift last year. I got him on June 25, 2019. He is now 10 years old and I love him dearly. He is the most sweetest and kindest parrot I have ever meet in my entire life. I try taking him out every day after school for about 2 hours. And this is one of the things we do during our time together. I hope you enjoy the video.

I Setup Bailey's Cage To Make It More Comfy For Her.

I was so blessed to have Bailey in my life. She touched so many souls. She made us laugh and cry. I’m thankful for every second I had with her and could share this beautiful soul with you. Thank you everyone for your love and support on our journey. Please always consider adoption. There are birds like Bailey that need homes and love.
You will always be in my heart Bailey. I can’t believe you took your last breath in my arms. 30 minutes ago. I already miss you so much! It’s going to be so hard walking into the bird room and you will not be physically there. I will always think about you when I look up into the sky. I love you Bailey! I love you Bailey so much! ❤️ADOPT❤️

Bailey my 26-year-old caique is dying from heart disease. This video was hard to make but it’s important we share our journey and educate along the way. ❤️

chickie caique and pumpkin

Caique Trick: flying back to cage

A quick video of my Caique Hanx flying back to his cage after training him on flying. His very first day! He’s always been very nervous to fly but look at him go! Follow him on Instagram at @hanxthecaique

Caique contentment.

Purring like no tomorrow.