Barwinka  Caique Pionites papuga Zuzia

Barwinka czarnogłowa Zuzia



Meet Pepper the caique parrot | beginner parrot training

There has been a lot of fire, brimstone, fuss and bother in the beauty community. Here I am, accepting that no amount of practice, skill or desire will get me to the wiles, side dealings and sneakiness of the beauty community big 3. Instead I have a new friend, Molly Pepper. She is here to help me go back to my family oriented, playful, silly channel. I missed you all, thank you for your patience as I struggle to find where and how this channel will exist. Xoxoxo

A “why I am leaving the beauty community” video to follow as a separate concern. I have receipts…. (face palms)

Should PEPPER start her own instagram? Let me know in the comments below!

Kookie Caique learning to play Kookie Ball

This is his 2nd training session for this behavior. He learns FAST! My goal is to get him to but a toy basketball in a hoop.

Why can’t I get the cheese?! Caique Parrot can’t work it out

Cute Black headed caiques can’t work out how to get the cheese

Caique Billy, lekker aan het douchen

Pionites, zwartkop Caique, bird,

Meiko, the white bellied caique, plays with his new toy!!

Caique parrot, bird, toys, stimulation, parrot, car trip

Harness training with my white bellied caique

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