Pionites Xanthurus Growth || Caique Parrot Growth

Parrot ekor kuning adalah salah satu dari empat spesies dalam genus Pionites dari keluarga Psittacidae. Awalnya spesies ini dianggap sebagai subspesies dari leucogaster Pionites, tetapi karya morfologis baru-baru ini menyarankan spesies tersebut harus dibagi menjadi tiga.

Caique playing video games?

Late night video games with a Caique?

Well, these parrots are too smart – the minute I start filming, he knows! And then the video game isn’t as captivating-

Caiques are amazing parrots. They are the most people-friendly parrots I’ve experienced. Playful, whimsical and keenly aware – they light up a room and then turn it upside-down, since they like to hang around upside-down!



White Bellied Caique Babies 7/5/18

The WBC babies are starting to get more feathers and are as cute as can be.

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