JoJo and Chickie caiques and Nina's Wood


Sparky, White-Bellied Caique, Talking and Playing

At around 2:10 in, he gets a visitor. Sorry about the video quality…

Baby White Bellied Caique Boys – Playtime

Baby White Bellied Caiques. Band #3 and #4. Males. Filmed on 4/13/20.

These sweet darlings are nearly all grown up now. They love to play and interact. Thank you for watching!

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White Bellied Caique Babies Playing at Golden Cockatoo

Young White Belied Caiques. These small to medium sized parrots love to play and love to eat.

Teaching some caique stuff (Adult caique playing, baby caique watching)

Pyro is teaching a little baby caique (who was neglected and had to be pulled for handfeeding) how to be a caique. The baby is more than 2 months but the growth is very much delayed. It still shows interest in its surroundings like a bird in its age is supposed to, so to teach it how to be a bird I’ve included my adult WBC Pyro. We have these little moments when the baby can just watch and learn. I find it important that the baby has a bird contact from the very beginning.

Kookie Slow-Mo Flying

The Kookie bird doing some slow motion action clips.

My white bellied caique bathing!

Kiku is having a BLAST and dipping her entire head under water while bathing. She was inspired by my hubby who was running the power washer nearby. She LOVED it!

White Bellied Caique DEMANDS attention LOL 😂 from Child playing video games!

Too cute not to share ❤️

Black headed Caique – Playtime!

Me and my mad parrot

Conure Training