Clooney, mijn caique papegaai thuis aan het spelen


White Bellied Caique Babies

.I know this is a long video this week, but the two oldest babies were showing so much personality I wanted to leave it long.

I can’t believe that the oldest baby is flying already!! He surprised me when I was making this video and started flying. He doesn’t even have all his feathers. If you notice around his neck and under his wings there are still quite a few feathers left to come in.

As always thank you all for watching my videos and I really appreciate your kind comments!!

7 fakta unik burung caique

Hallo Parott Lover
kali ini kita akan membahas burung Paruh Bengkok Caique
semoga bermanfaat

Salam Parrot Lover

kikko balla rana pazza

Da notare la sincronizzazzione del fischio iniziale,con la canzone..

Dina mellastaa.

Valkovatsa-aratit Dina ja Aida

Meet Pepper the caique parrot | beginner parrot training

There has been a lot of fire, brimstone, fuss and bother in the beauty community. Here I am, accepting that no amount of practice, skill or desire will get me to the wiles, side dealings and sneakiness of the beauty community big 3. Instead I have a new friend, Molly Pepper. She is here to help me go back to my family oriented, playful, silly channel. I missed you all, thank you for your patience as I struggle to find where and how this channel will exist. Xoxoxo

A “why I am leaving the beauty community” video to follow as a separate concern. I have receipts…. (face palms)

Should PEPPER start her own instagram? Let me know in the comments below!

Caique Billy, lekker aan het douchen

Pionites, zwartkop Caique, bird,

3 Baby White Bellied Caique Parrots

Papuga Czarek przedstawia -Poniedziałek vs Piątek/  Monday vs Friday -Parrot version

Tak się właśnie czuję w poniedziałki w drodze do pracy i w piątki po pracy 😀