Triple Flip Bird

Taco the white bellied caique performs for the camera doing the triple flip.

[シロハラインコ] 365日放鳥24時‼︎ Caique/Pionites



浦くん ♂ 腕白チンピラ😆

3 – 2 week old baby White Bellied Caique Parrots

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James and the amazing Pepper: Black headed Caique

James shows his bird Pepper doing tricks.

Black headed caique baby boy

This caique boy is my last black headed caique i will be socialising and training for pet home. I have put so many years into the keeping and breeding of 4-5 generations of the black headed caique and will be sad to see them all go.

Music: 7 Minutoz Homem-Aranha VS. Deadpool | Duelo de Titãs

Black headed caiques

Bandit White Bellied Caique

Bandit spinning around

White bellied Caique

I candidly caught my parrot bathing in her water bowl. Enjoy!! Comments welcome