Black Headed and White Bellied Caique babies 7-8 weeks old

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Rostkappenpapagei ( DENIZ )

Caique Parrots Playing Dead/Papugi udają  martwe

Original movie and movie with special effects 😀
Wersja oryginalna i z efektami specjalnymi 😀

Caique contentment.

Purring like no tomorrow.

Caique Angry 1

Entrenando a los caique Lía y Nano

Entrenando a los loros a que acudan a la llamada

ズグロシロハラインコ ココちゃんの巴投げ(Black-Headed Caique、学名:Pionites melanocephala)


Dad Meets Pooter the White Bellied Caique and gets a kiss!

My Father meets Jaxson (aka Pooter), my White Bellied Caique for the first time (and gets a kiss!). Dad brought along his bird, Ricky (aka Picho), a 12yr old Senegal who watches.

more rollover training for Daphne

Daphne is a white bellied caique, about 6 months old. today was day 7 of her being home, and today was day 1 of clicker training her how to rollover on cue! she’s super food motivated and learns quick!