Baby caique Cages and brooders

Baby caique Cages and brooders

A video of the cages and brooders the babies grow up in. I made this video and forgot that I have many of the babies toys in the dishwasher being washed. One of the cages had no toys in it, and the other two had some toys missing. I promise, my baby cages, my pet cages, and my breeding pair cages have plenty of swings, perches, and toys in them.

Linda Scott

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Stella Dazzo Geplaatst op11:51 - augustus 6, 2019

is it possible to breed a white bellied caique,with a black head caique ?

jujubechan Geplaatst op11:54 - augustus 6, 2019

Bless you Rita, they all look so lovely and happy! I wish I had my birds from someone as caring as you, my caique so un-tamed 🙁

Rita Garris Geplaatst op12:12 - augustus 6, 2019

@madmijk LOL!! They are like velcro sometimes!! They all want to use me as their personal jungle gyms. Thank you for your comment!!

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