My birds are my children. I love them with all my heart. This video might seem weird to some but to me, it’s the process of healing.
Thank you Loveyourparrot Education and Alyssa for this beautiful memory of Bailey. ❤️
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24 gedachten over “Beautiful Memory of Bailey Caique Made Me Cry

  1. Made me cry so much too your not alone the popcorn one was soooooo adorable
    We will miss him so much I lost my cockatiel but I like to imagine that bailey and
    my cockatiel are up there watching over us she was such a good parrot
    Your not alone❤️

  2. I'm sorry your bird died I have 5 parakeets that lived for a long time and they're okay and fine I love parakeets so much and birds and parrots 🐦🐾🐥🐤🐣

  3. That was so sweet and caring. I still cry when I see videos of Bailey. I loved her also. Wish I could have met her in person. She is probably with you all the time and watching over you. Just keep talking to her . Your bond was and is very strong. I am sure she visits you many times and hears you.. I once had my picture taken with a special camera that shows my aura and saw a white blotch on me. When I asked what the blotch was the photographer said it was the spirit of my bird that was with me and got caught in the picture. Took more pictures and found more white circles. Could have been other pets I had. .

  4. Really upset 😢 for u but I love how close u are with Marlene mc’ohen and corolin Von petzhold

  5. I love my birds sooo much one of it is hearty bird named crazed same happened to her .u know it's very hard to take. only the parrot lover know it. every day I pray for my sweet heart where she was in be safe. you one thing I use to imagine my bird in your Bailey but it too has hurts me miss you second heart loves me Bailey ❤❤❤❤

  6. I'm so sorry, I'm right there with you…suffered the loss of my 24 year old nanday conure 11 months ago. It really, really hurts. Only parrot lovers get it. On a lighter note, watched vid of you, Carolyn and Marlene. I like all of you, but your the best! What a beautiful heart you have.

  7. You are SO Precious—I'm crying with you 💗 I just love you and I'm so so so sorry about Bailey. That was SO Awesome of LoveYourParrot Education (I just Love them so much too). What a beautiful community we have here 💗 God Bless You 💗

  8. So sorry for your loss. Bailey will never be forgotten ❤️❤️❤️

    Sending you virtual hugs 🤗 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  9. When did bailey passed away?? I didn't know this happen. I'm so sorry for your loss, shes is in a better place I'm sure. 💖

  10. So beautiful remembered!!!!!, R.I.P for Bailey, I remembered my birds who there in heaven birds, with my Tito (jilguero), Tico, Pepín (budgies) and Fisher and Colorín (agapornis), I think it´s really important to care animal when you are child. Nowadays I have 3 bird, Azulete y Pepita (Budgies) and Lisa (my favorite bird, it´s a Macaw), so cute and friendly all of them. Azulete its a male, who was rescued of letal inyection for a infection, last year he was hospitalized before a month, I was afraid than he could go with a heaven, however no, he started to go up, I think was a miracle, because he has an infection, the same he was rescued, and vet said me he doesn´t nothing, they observed in her hospital, after to do annalysis, it´s ok, he observed that he doesn´t to drink water, and I had to change her water dispenser. No saw yellow, however changed to a white one. Beautifu memories. Chao

  11. do you know I subscribed so many birds channel but I have my favourite birds in only parrot playhouse

  12. Bailey I love you so much. how did she went actually. even i know that feeling I cried a lot of times when I recognise my bird memories his name is called crazy such a sweet guy in my world is that bird she went away all the time I use to cry for him but I think I better after days being passed

  13. Bailey is such a sweet good bird, I know it hurts but you can do it! She is in a better place. Your beautiful and strong and you can make it through this! I love you and your channel so much and your love with birds is amazing! Just keep in there!!! I love you and all of your wonderful birds…especially bailey!❤️❤️

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