Kevin finally becoming less fearful of his toys!

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  1. This is your little man! I just uploaded a bunch more from the "library" but need to take some new footage of him. Kevin is doing GREAT! He brings our household so much joy and has so much personality. Everything revolves around him, which is the way it should be!! He's still got a good amount of black on his head but it's slowly coming out. He has been molting A LOT so just trying to stay on top of the pinfeathers so he isn't a mister cranky pants. Thanks so much for my wonderful baby!

  2. There is my Kevin!!! I just happened to see this video….I didn't realize you had videos of him!! I will subscribe so I can see them if you load anymore!! How is Kevin? He is so silly in this video!! I bet he is looking more grown up and losing those black feathers..huh?

  3. Oh Kevin, you are so cute and funny! We liked watching you play around and you made us laugh!
    Maggie & Spencer

  4. He is sooooooo cute and doesn't look afraid of anything in this video!
    Rosie, Sophie/bhc & Kaiu/wbc

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