Caiques are crazy!

Caiques are crazy!

Lucy (Lucifer) my caique has been rubbing around on my bead for over half an hour now. These birds are clowns.

Julie Gould

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sherlock72 Geplaatst op11:15 - mei 28, 2019

this the same girl who was woken by the birds ten yers ago?

Shema Yisrael {freedom} Geplaatst op11:20 - mei 28, 2019

Jesus is life good bird

Kotol Tokol Geplaatst op11:51 - mei 28, 2019

Tanino nang ibon

Tech_Master Geplaatst op12:09 - mei 28, 2019

Very nice Bird

Lee Flynn Geplaatst op12:29 - mei 28, 2019

good to see you again I just search for your old video and now I see this just amazing I love it

lynz45 Geplaatst op12:39 - mei 28, 2019

She is so darn cute!! Aren't they the funniest little creatures! I am owned by 4 and they are little wingnuts and I love them so much ❤

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