A Very Over Excited Caique Parrot!

Black headed caique parrot – Scout – is so excited she can’t control it!


Triple Flip Bird

Taco the white bellied caique performs for the camera doing the triple flip.

Blue Caique

Par blue Caiques

Black Headed Caiques breeding

My pair of caiques breeding, producing 3 eggs with all of them hatching but unfortunately, only 2 survived.

Juca e Bebel: Smart Caiques / Marianinhas Espertas!

Collection of tricks of our smart caiques! Juca is 2.5 years old, Bebel 1.5 years old!
Filmed in February 2010!

Mango the Caique parrot rolls around in the grass like a dog.

Caique parrot playing in the grass outside.

Caique Parrots enjoying some outside time

Tiger and Sunny, our Caique parrot brothers in our backyard under supervision. They’re free to walk around the backyard while I’m with them. The only rule is no climbing the big tree and no digging. They love digging with their feet, but it could see them breathe in some nasty spores, so it’s now banned. They would dig so deep they would be below the surface level. Caique behaviour all together amazing and intriguing. These are a very special species of parrot, and I can’t imagine a future without them around.

My Parrots want to mate with eachother | Parrot Hormones Gone Wild

💚Discouraging breeding behavior or nesting behavior in pet birds during springtime can be challenging. Birds can hide their illnesses when they are sick. It’s important to take your birds to see a vet ASAP, the first signs that things are not right with your bird. Springtime is a tough time for a parrot, especially for cockatoos. Hormones can compromise a bird’s health and make them sick. Many Cockatoos, Cockatiels, African greys and other species of parrots can become egg bound this time of year. It’s important to be aware of signs of illness when something is wrong with your parrot. By taking your bird to see an avian vet for an annual health exam can help maintain your bird’s health. This video will help answer many of your hormonal bird questions like? Why is my parrot biting me? How do I make my parrot stop biting me? Why doesn’t my parrot like me? Why is my parrot throwing up? How to prevent your bird from laying an egg? How to prevent hormonal behavior in a parrot? Why is my parrot wanting to nest? How can I tell if my bird is sick? Why is my parrot regurgitating? What to do if my bird is sick? How do I know if my bird needs a Lupron injection and why do some birds need Lupron injections? Why diet, sleep and weighing your parrot is important for your bird’s health? 💚
Thank you, Dr. Loudis!
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It’s important to always keep a close watch on your parrots to notice any signs of illness.

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