17 gedachten over “Chickie and JoJo talking Caique

  1. As these the same two Caiques who are playing/stealing the syringe in another video?!

  2. So adorable I had to play this video for my caique "1 million" times because he loves listening to other caiques WE love your video!!!

  3. This is still one of our favorite videos of my our 2 special cousins, love Maggie & Spencer

  4. They ARE loud compared to GCCs! My green cheeks are in the other room and hear them screaming. They're wondering who that is! lol

  5. this is one of my favirote i enjoy watching it lets get all our funny caquies n have a party.lol!!!god blees themlove all their videos keep up the good work.my bird is tweety.she is new on fb.

  6. @bonosa1 That's adorable. I love how animal people just get along like that. Also, hello fellow Floridian! XD

  7. did they just had a bath or something? cause they look a bit wet. my parrot looks really funny after taking a bath.

  8. oh…how fun is that!! i hope the humans and the birdies all enjoy the visit!!!

  9. And it gets better! I met Nani's mom on youtube, and she is coming to FL in march, six hours away from us. So she will drive up with Nani. How cool is that!

  10. the video of Nani watching this video is almost as cute as this one!! like the three of them were having a live video chat!! caiques are so much fun!!!

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