White Bellied Caique

The white bellied caique (Pionites leucogaster) is found in the Amazon forests of Bolivia, Brazil and Peru. These parrots are part of the Colors of the Amazon Aviary at the Santa Ana Zoo in California.

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Dog-like White Bellied Caique

We have birds in the basement – the White Bellied Caique loves to listen in on them and communicate – but he rolls over like a dog.. its so funny!

white bellied  Caique  Storm the movie star ,do a thumb up as the movie like  27/10/2017

Filmster Storm heeft gedoucht , en doet nu zijn verenpak mooi in plooi.
hoop werk zo te zien !
Doe een duimpje omhoog als het filmpje leuk vind!
White bellied Caigue Storm the movie star
Thanks for looking! xxx
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CAIQUE Parrot first TRAINING | ParrotTube

Watch the first training results of my little 16 weeks old baby Caique Parrot.

Are you also melting by cuteness when you’re watching the Black-Headed Caique Parrot named #Bram and want to see more of him without searching in the navigation area? Keep on Reading!

Bram has his own #Playlist that you can find at my Channel #ParrotTube!
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Training my caique parrot to dance (part 1)

Hi everyone! I was preparing another video when my white-bellied caique parrot Pyro got excited about the music and did some moves which in my eyes looked like dancing. I managed to catch the action and add the cue – my kinda retard jiggling… 🙂 So now I want to reinforce the behavior even further. And have fun with my bird.

The secondary reinforcer here is my tongue clicking. It’s the same purpose that a clicker would have. In some parts I did it a little bit too late: you should “click” when the action is right there, not when the bird stops. But it’s been a while since I had training sessions with him. I need to improve. 🙂

This was very spontaneous and unplanned video, but I hope it still cheers you up. ^^

Music: Avenza – Game On
Link: https://youtu.be/8ih9lSnLqf8

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