Kagouti doing what caiques are best known for, rolling and hopping around. Enjoy this snippet of her being cute.
Giovanni is the black-headed caique in the background. If Kagouti is my angel, Giovanni is my devil. He likes to randomly chase and attack me or anyone else in a split second. He’s a jerk but I love him. You just gotta know how to read them.

-Birds in Video-
~Kagouti the White-bellied caique (Pionites leucogaster xanthomeria)
~Giovanni the Black-headed caique (Pionites melanocephalus)

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Please do not buy a bird because you saw a video and thought they were cute. Parrots especially can be lifetime commitments and some of the larger ones can be compared to having a toddler. Most parrots are rehomed several times throughout their lengthy lifespan due to living so long, the mess, the noise, the cost, the hormones, and many other reasons. Parrots are still wild animals and do not thrive as pets to the average human. If you are thinking of getting a parrot, please do your homework. Research and have money not just for the parrot, but for the cage, toys, food, care, vet bills, etc… Thank you for reading.